About Us:

Juggernaut Acquisition Group Inc. specializes in unique face-to-face marketing aspects.  We speak directly to individuals, in person, raising awareness for our clients and their programs.  Our Representatives truly believe in the causes they advocate for and the result is an honest and engaging dialogue with their audience.  It is through this type of personal interaction that potential donors are able to fully realize the difference they can make by participating in our clients’ programs.  Our goal is to engage these individuals, then assist them in committing long-term to the organization they choose to donate to.

Our Vision
At Juggernaut Acquisition Group Inc., we pride ourselves on the caliber of our staff and love to promote from within!  We focus on training the next generations of our management team as our management team of tomorrow will play an instrumental role in helping in the growth and expansion of our company, enabling us to achieve ours and our clients’ goals!

Our Team

Tristan Jagarnauth
President of Juggernaut Acquisition Group Inc.

“Inspire others to create a positive change within the current and future generations of people”

Tristan Jagarnauth

Tristan started with PKM Advertising Group in June of 2018 in Ajax Ontario. He rapidly moved through the ranks due to his: motivation, hard work, personality, and dedication to improvement.

In October of 2018, Tristan moved to Calgary, Alberta to help build another PKM office with his promoting manager Michael Phillips. This proved to be a successful move as he was awarded with the Top Leader Award for PKM Calgary at the 2018 TNI West Coast Agency Holiday Party. His other accolades include the Gold Team Leader of the Quarter Award and the Bronze Pacesetter of the Quarter Award in the first quarter of 2019. Tristan also accomplished one of his most significant milestones in 2019 by winning the Bell Ringer of the Year award which is awarded for exemplary production within a year.

In February of 2019 he was promoted to Team Leader and a few weeks later in March was promoted to Assistant Manager. Tristan’s road to success reached yet another level with a promotion to Manager in May and has since become an Owner within the group of companies.

Tristan incorporated within the TNI Group of Companies in October of 2019 and continues to look to expand his organization across Canada in hopes of providing opportunities to the clients he works with and for his team members to grow within his organization.